Reverend Ruth Brooks : Congregational Care

Reverend Ruth Brooks

Reverend Ruth Brooks, formerly known as Ruth Wheeler, was born in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania and was the youngest of five children born to Ella and Clyde Wheeler. Ruth remembers living in her grandfather’s house and listening to him talk about how he came north through the Under-Ground Railroad. She remembers thinking “Those salves sure were smart; they built trains that could run under-ground”. In 1960 Ruth graduated from Monessen High School and moved to Baltimore to live with her sister and attend University of Maryland College, Eastern Shore Campus.

After college, Ruth pursued a position with the Esso Corporation in Towson, Maryland and became one of the first black females to work in the stenographic pool as a transcriber. In 1963 Ruth met James Brooks; they dated and became husband and wife in 1965. Two children came out of that union, Trina Virginia, and Kelly Yvonne. She smothers her grand- children Clarke and Coco with all the love she can muster up. In 1984 Ruth moved to Yonkers, New York where she attended Christian Love Tabernacle School of the Bible and received her Associate Degree in Christian Education.

Ruth continued to pursue further knowledge about her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in 2006, received her Bachelor of Theology Degree from Christ Theological Seminary of the Eastern Theological Consortium in Yonkers, New York. In the year 2000 she returned to Baltimore and joined Disciples Bible Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverend Doctor Reginald Wade Lawrence. In 2010 Disciples Bible Baptist Church merged with St. Mark’s Institutional Baptist Church, and Ruth became a member. In January of 2012 Ruth told Pastor Lawrence that God had told her to go into the ministry. Ruth walked the walk, studied hard and prayed for guidance and patience. On November 25, 2012, she gave her Initial Sermon. She is now an Ordined Minister. She knows God will carry her through. Ruth wants nothing more than to teach, preach, and spread the Word of the Lord.

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